Introduction to Technical Parameters and Principles of Monitoring Operator

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Operator parameters, specifications and other information, describing the details of the console image, industry insiders see these data will know the specific production of the console! These parameters and specifications of the console include:
First, the length, width and height of the console
This is the most basic manifestation of the console, that is, the size of the console!
II. Types of Operator
There are several types of console, including standard and non-standard console! There are piano console, plane console, arc plane console, arc piano type console, corner console, etc.
3. Sheet Metal Material for Operating Platform
Sheet metal materials, including what types of sheet metal materials, material thickness and other information
Fourth, the color of the console
Operator should have its own color matching!
5. Types of Operator Displays
6. Operating table opening information!
The monitor is a framework for storing management tools, such as Microsoft Management Console (MMC). The monitor is defined by items in the console tree, which may include folders and other containers, Web pages, and other administrative items. The console has windows that provide a view of the console tree and views of management attributes, services, and events triggered by items in the console tree. The following is an introduction to the principle and parameters of the monitoring operation platform.
Description of Technical Parameters of Monitoring Operator
Material: The raw materials of console are mostly cold rolled steel sheet of WISCO.
Processing: The manufacturing and processing technology of console and operation table are: shearing sheet metal, punching, bending, welding, grinding, pickling, phosphating, electrostatic spraying, etc.
Spraying and Powder
1. The surface treatment uses emulsifier and alkaline detergent to degrease, phosphoric acid to remove rust, zinc film phosphating and passivation, and the final powder is not sprayed. The treatment method and surface of the inner wall of the column are the same. After treatment, the following standards can be achieved: glossiness is 10%-15%, hardness is more than 0.4, stamping strength is > 4NM, adhesion is not less than grade 2 (GB1720), film degree > 20m.
2. The surface coating is based on the advanced automatic spraying pipeline in China, including the nine-position spraying pretreatment system, Swiss Golden Horse electrostatic powder spraying system and electronic temperature-controlled fuel curing system. The use of these equipment excludes the human factors that affect the quality of plastic powder, increases the strength, adhesion and impact resistance of the coating film, and makes the surface coating quality. It meets the standard of GB1732.
Principle of Monitoring Operator
The whole cabinet body is made of 1.2mm to 1.5mm SPCC steel plate by cutting, stamping, bending, riveting, welding, grinding, calibration, oil removal, rust removal, phosphating, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing, cooling and so on. Products can be divided into two types: assembly type and welding type. The assembly processing is difficult but the transportation cost is low. The welding processing is difficult but the transportation cost is high. The height of the mesa is 700 mm and the depth is 350 mm. Suitable for the operator when sitting position operation, legs can be extended into the lower part of the table without injuring legs because of encountering the cabinet body; 2. The table is equipped with push-pull keyboard drawer, with reserved mouse line holes. It is conducive to the orderly operation of the countertop; 3. Each cabinet is equipped with an AC cooling fan set (fan, fan cover, 1 meter power cord, has been assembled), and the back door (lockable) is reserved with a cooling vent. It is conducive to circulating air inside the cabinet to achieve heat dissipation function, and the back door is convenient to repair the equipment inside the cabinet; (4) the lower part of the cabinet (the back and bottom of the bottom plate) has reserved entry and exit line holes for easy wiring; (5) the lower part of the cabinet body is equipped with an adjustable layer board to rotate the front door (lockable). Layer board is easy to place horizontal main engine or other equipment, front door is easy to open operation equipment; _the whole cabinet body is opened by a key; _the top of cabinet body (except platform type) is inclined surface, with an angle of 105 degrees from the second floor and 90 degrees from the top. It is helpful for operators to keep their eyes from fatigue when they look at pictures for a long time. _The upper part of the cabinet body (except platform type) is equipped with an adjustable display panel and a removable movable front panel. Front panel is conducive to replacing the display without changing the cabinet body but only replacing the panel; _Combination of counter and cabinet body (except platform type) is more conducive to transportation; _Arbitrary color matching (usually computer gray), so that the whole cabinet is practical and beautiful.
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